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Vintage 1970s Vintage Wooden Chair

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$90.00 USD
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$90.00 USD

Beautiful midcentury chairs made in Yugoslavia, sourced from Slovenia, with mustard fabric are in good shape, but Chair B does require minor, but possible repairs. 

HEIGHT: 31 in Width: 16.5 in Depth: 15.5 in  Seat Height: 18.5 in

CONDITION: The chairs are in good vintage condition. The fabric is original and well kept. The wooden legs on Chair are in good shape, with small signs of use; Chair B has minor chip and some damage on leg. Chair A is stable, while Chair B will need to be stabilized (able to connect you to a local with a long history of these repairs). The chairs are thoroughly cleaned.


(Only different in the chairs is the need for a small repair on Chair B)